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The papers which are not available here due to copyright limitations can be obtained by sending email to jussi _dot_ tohka _at_ uef _dot_ fi

If the paper is published in open-access, just click the name of the journal/conference to get the paper.  Most of them are.  I also include links to preprints if such has been posted to biorxiv, arxiv, or alike. The content of the preprints most often matches exactly or almost exactly the published article.   

Scientific monographs:

J. Tohka. Deformable Surface Models in Medical Image Analysis: Automatic surface extraction using deformable meshes. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2009, 200 pages. [][]

J. Tohka. Global optimization-based deformable meshes for surface extraction from medical images, PhD dissertation, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, 2003 (Publications of Tampere University of Technology 432). [Abstract] , [ps], [pdf]

Submitted preprints (these manuscripts have not yet appeared in journals/conferences):

Refereed articles in international journals: 

Refereed articles in international conferences (review based on full-paper):

In image analysis and pattern recognition, certain conferences are very selective and well regarded (equaling the best specialist journals) publication venues. For example, conferences such as MICCAI or ECCV accept under 30% of papers. All the conference papers in this section have received a proper peer review based on full paper and typically the acceptance rate has been under 50 %.

Other full-length international conference papers (review based on abstract or few page summary):

Refereed international conference abstracts (only until 2016):

Lecture notes